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Spot’s Spot pet grooming is a small neighborhood full service grooming salon.

We offer everything from a basic walk in nail trim… To a modified pet cut… To a breed or show cut.            

We also offer basic shave downs… Or something much more detailed… Its all about what you want or need.  

We offer cat grooming… Cat lion cuts ..Cat shave downs , cat deshedding treatments… We offer dog haircuts and deshedding treatments also… We also offer dyeing and creative grooming… Asian fusion… And airbrushing… We do it all…

Please call the  267-687-7928 for prices and availability.     

All services performed with great care and safety.

The safety and wellness of your pet is our number one concern , followed by making you happy and fulfilling your requests! 

For the safety and well being of your pet, we require complete vaccinations records. 

About Us
Spots spot pet grooming, is a friendly neighborhood dog and cat grooming salon. We strive to work around your busy schedule to accommodate your needs.

Philip took the helm of spots spot in 2011, he goal was to turn it into a friendly salon. Different than what was available here in philadelphia. He has seventeen years of dog and cat grooming expertise. Our goal is to safely and compassionately groom your pet and give you the look.

Without to much hassle, arranging appointments, and accommodating your needs. We do the grooming Petsmart or other salons turn away! Spots spot is warm and inviting and designed to seem like someones living room, to make you and your pet more comfortable!

123 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Phone:(267) 687-7928
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A favorite client , jasper .... With his daddy ! CommentsAngel Biedz Awww adorableJasper John Jingleheimer Schmidt Jasper!!!Omar Nogueras So cuteSpot's Spot Pet Grooming
Ricky Bobby and Sergio got all fancy today and had a photo shoot
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CommentsSpot's Spot Pet Grooming They look amazing !Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
Princess got her summer cut to show off that beach bod 👙🐾🌞🌊⚓🏊🏄Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
Money Shot!.....literally!, his name is Money 💰😉 CommentsJudy Kellem Is this for real?Angel Biedz Adorable !!!Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
That Face!💝 CommentsAllison Hirst O'Callaghan I.want to lick.that nose.Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
2 Morky Brothers And A Cairntese
I have 3 little dogs that are in desparate need of a new home. They are very loving, friendly dogs but my mother-in-law can't keep them. The two brothers (Riley in front, Rocky in the middle) are...
Spot's Spot Pet
Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
We had a very rarely seen , borzoi at the shop today , her name was Leila , shown here with her mom , India ! They just moved to Philadelphia ! Welcome to the neighborhood !
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Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
So this here kittums, Blue, thinks he is a parrot. Such a sweetie pie! 😻😽💙
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CommentsKim Besser Hi Kitty Kat.....Melody Kennedy Adams I'm not much of a cat person, but that cat is soooo cuteSpot's Spot Pet Grooming
Thank you Phil & April 'I know how hard Nellie is & I couldn't imagine taking her any where else ' she looks so pretty' thanks again ' see you soon.Bettyann Stewart
This wonderful four year old cane corse needs a home .... What a wonderful sweet special dog !! She was abandoned at a vet clinic .... Please message me or comment I will put you in touch with the people CommentsLeslie Wood 4 years old, not a mix as far as we know, friendly (Spot Spots can confirm, Phil groomed her Tuesday), Deb Johnson-Mcnutt Checking with that person...sent photo and more info on the breed to him. May be too much of a dog Deb Johnson-Mcnutt Does Dani still need a home? I know someone who may like to have her...Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
One of my most wonderful customers , with her darling little girl , pepper-Anne .... I love my long term clients ... She has been with me since my Petsmart days ! I love my clients !
Spot's Spot Pet
Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
Spot's Spot Pet Grooming..........is where all the beautiful people ........bring their pets ....................
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Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
Krissi is always happy when her snuggly little buddy Mr T pays a visit to us! 🐾🎩👍💙😍
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CommentsTHE MAIN LION Cat Grooming Salon Beautiful!Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
Reeses looking mighty fabulous 💅💖🎀Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
I'll be calling soon for Charlie's follow up😉Leni Toms
Midnight, is feeling much cooler now, on such a day!🌞
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Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
Diamond, looking delightful, in orange
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CommentsSpot's Spot Pet Grooming i really love itSpot's Spot Pet Grooming
Greta Russo have you met philip ?? he is in your deck of the woods. LOOOOOOVE his work with the kitties and pups CommentsGreta Russo No I haven't but thank you so much for telling me about him. I hope to meet him sometime. Hope Greta Russo Hi Phillip of Spot's Spot Pet Grooming. I'm with Support Ur Pet, Inc and we are in Bala Cynwyd (just Ada Nieves
Kevin Ugarte omg ! you have to meet Philip in philly!!!! you have to take your princess to him !!!!! CommentsKevin Ugarte Ok thanks mi amorsito 😙Ada Nieves
Gladys Delgado-garced OMG!!!! meet philip ! you have to take pierre to him!!! CommentsGladys Delgado-garced Would like to meet him.Ada Nieves
ok loooove all your adorable clients and styles!! great job!!!!! CommentsSpot's Spot Pet Grooming Thank you AdaAda Nieves
Post Planner
Angels are often disguised as #dogs. ;)

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CommentsHelen Ann May Am sure my dogs are angels Dawn...so much love and all unconditional xxSpot's Spot Pet Grooming
Clean sweep | Star Newspaper Philadelphia
Walk­ing the dirty streets of Kens­ing­ton, Fishtown and Port Rich­mond with those charged with clean­ing up after the rest of us.Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
Spot's Spot Pet Grooming..........is where all the beautiful people ........bring their pets .................... CommentsTHE MAIN LION Cat Grooming Salon Or in this case, where they bring their beautiful pets lol! ~ great promo shot, love the chill cat (4 Jasper John Jingleheimer Schmidt Wait, that's not Miss Bottoms after all!Jasper John Jingleheimer Schmidt Ophelia Bottoms!!!!Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
wolfgang john pierre !!!Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
the one the only .........blizzy ...........
Spot's Spot Pet Grooming at Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
CommentsAngel Biedz AwwwwSpot's Spot Pet Grooming
Thank you Spots Spot! Lucy looks so cute with her new haircut! She promises next time she will behave better! 🐶💕😊Tina Ladd- Mil
Ellie, posing in the garden🌻Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
Gizmo💝 CommentsSue Zabel You guys are amazing artists! Love seeing your clients !Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
Her name is Lola... she was a showgirl!
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Spot's Spot Pet Grooming

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